Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Importance of eating together!

Hi all,

I've been asked the following question the other day:

"Do you and Alex always eat together?"

I looked at my coworker with what must've been a very funny face and said:

"Yes, of course!"

To my surprise she didn't think that is really normal and said it was really cool that we do that...

Look! It's really important that you and your partner/family sit down and eat together.

"Why is that?" you say?

Because it makes a family bond together, it breaks up the day from the business and craziness we all have to deal with!

Oh, and by the way - no phones on the dinner table!

You've got to use that time to enjoy the presence of the other person(s). It has historically been an important part of family cohesion. Just think about tribes somewhere in Africa. They do lots of things different to how we'd do them, but one thing is for sure - they eat together!

If you value the people you spend most of your time with, you may want to make dinnertime a priority and take the time to breathe and 'life that moment'.

We often life like there's no tomorrow, and one day that's true.

Until next time - be awesome!

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