Sunday, February 19, 2017

Liars!!! Who do you think is honest!?

Hello and welcome to another Limitless Ways edition!

I'd like to talk about whether or not you actually can trust anyone!?

Well, can you?

Do you trust your friends, spouse and family?

I'm inclined to say I do, but...


Yes, but!

Because, as a matter of fact all of us are liars!

Yep, you who's now reading my post just like me who is typing it!

As a natural law the bigger the size of a brain, the bigger its capacity, the more we lie, the more complex the lies become.

Humans are obviously the most intelligent life form on this planet (which is questionable sometimes), hence we are most capable of lying.

Now would be the time for the question "What do you think is a lie?? Huh??!!"
A lie is everything we tell other people that we know is not the truth or not entirely true! Period.  We are not all bad people, even though we are technically liars. It is interesting that lies are socially accepted to a certain extend of course. Just imagine a couple of guys sitting together having drinks and telling each other the most fantastic tales. Of course most people are aware that at least some bits and pieces have their roots in the storytellers imagination and are not actually the matter of the fact.
We also tend to lie a lot in our CV's when applying for a job, we are the best in almost everything until it goes down to the nitty gritty, sometime we find it is neccessary to lie in order not to upset for example a loved one (no there in no spider...   ...of course I checked it!). Or remember that date, when you really wanted to convince her that you are the knight on the white horse....

Long story short, we are liars - yes, but I personally believe that does not nessessary make us bad people. We lie for different reasons and some of them are more noble then others, but as long as you try and keep a really honest core to who you are and what you do, you'll be fine. as long as you don't trick people or harm them with untrue information, as long as you are a the most honest version of who you can be I think ...

...I think that be real good!

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Building a base

Hello and welcome to Limitless Ways,

today I'd like to talk about building base.

Now what exactly is a base?

For me a base is something I may call home, or the people that surround me on daily basis, and of course the feeling I associate with exactly that.

Everybody knows what I'm heading at! The feeling of coming home...

Now I'm living in Australia for a bit more than three years now, and when I first got here I haven't had any base whatsoever.


that's not exactly true!

I've got my much loved brother in Australia, in Adelaide to be precise. But now I'm in Sydney and when I got here I haven't had no base.

So this was a quite eye-opening period, in which I painfully learned how bad it is to be lonely and to know nobody, in fact, not to have a base.

As depressing as it was, I had to do something about it, so I signed up in a gym not far from where I used to live. That came with a number of great benefits, for example: I was forced to talk and understand English, I had to engage with new people every time I went to class.
That was one of the first step to building a base. There were social event held by the gym where I regularly attended, met people and build friendships that still exist!

I got to know people at work which had a similar effect as in the gym, and then probably the most amazing thing was whenever we went for camping or hiking or something of that kind we met people with which we engaged and still are in contact today.

Only recently we went from Sydney to the beautiful Byron Bay on the East Coast where we went to see our friend Heidi, about a thousand kilometers away.
Then we went to Wollongong, south of Sydney and caught up with our friend Sean who we met last year when we were camping in Canberra.

It seems that we get to know more and more people in Australia, and more awesome all over Australia so that where ever we got we can catch up with friends and make some amazing memories.

This is what I see as a base.

If you are ever afraid of leaving your comfort zone and go somewhere where you don't know anyone - do it! In only three years we were able to built a solid base of good people around us that give us an almost homely feeling where we are right now.

I believe this is a great achievement!

Be aware that this will never happen from your couch or in front of the TV, but comes with a lot of work and a lot of effort.

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Thanks everyone

Stay cool


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It's dangerous to ride a scooter in Asia

Hello and Welcome to Limitlessways.

Our first scooter in Bali! How exciting!!!
If you have ever ridden a scooter in your life,  then you know that that can sometimes lead to dangerous and scary situations.
Something like: Your going down the road and a dog runs on the street... 
Your cruising along and all of a sudden you're overtaken by another scooter with crazy speed, no helmet, two people, two kids, a dog and some building supplies on board but with no worries at all...!

Welcome to Asia!

We've had a scooter for five days in Indonesia and it was scary like hell, traffic was intense and the actual situations described above, were nothing that wouldn't happen like that. We had the scooter for about an hour and I was really scared about it. But as we went on and kind of got to understand how the traffic works there - it made sense!

The people in Bali for instance, they look out for each other, whether it's scooters, pushbikes or cars. It seems that even dogs and goats have understood how the traffic works there. You may not be going very fast, but you are GOING all the time.

The scooter we hired from this lovely guy in Ubud.

Once we've got the hang of it, I think it really was safe.
I wish the traffic in Sydney was a bit more like that!

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Have you ever climbed an active Volcano?? Why not!

Hi guys and welcome to another edition of Limitless Ways!

 Have you ever thought about climbing a volcano?
No?? Why the heck not! It's awesome!
So we've climbed a volcano just the other day. A volcano which has erupted last time in 2000! That particular Volcano is located in Indonesia, in Bali and is called Mt.Batur.

 The Climb

We were picked up by our local guide Arjana at 3 o'clock in the morning who took us to the base of Mt. Batur were we met our Guide for the climb itself, Wayan.

We started the climb at 4am in the pitchblack, our way only illuminated by our small headlamps and the raging lightning storm overhead! We got to the summit just before sunrise where we were greeted by the local monkeys and wild dogs...

The sunrise and the breakfast were phantastic. We had hardboiled eggs, but not the conventional way.
Given the fact we were on a volcano we'd have them boiled in Volcano-steam!


The sunrise itself was just beautiful. We were facing the other and much bigger volcano on the opposite side of the valley which had a cloudcap on it's top and there was a massive cloudbank rolling in as the sun went up.

The scenery was unreal!

After we visited a small temple at the entrance of a very deep, very narrow cave (where we couldn't get in), hiked across the ledge of the actual crater looking into the devils very eyes we slowly started our descent back down and off the mountain.

With Wayan as our tourguide we could not have had a funnier guy to deal with. If it wasn't for the altitude we would've been throwing ourselves on the ground loughing...

Not too astoundingly we were pretty tired by the time we got back to the base!

It is quite intimidating to climb an active volcano, but if you manage to put that thought off, it is the best thing ever!

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Stay cool!

Mario and Alex

P.S.: In case you are planning on travelling to Bali and you want to see the "real Bali", give our friend Arjana a heads up and he'll look after you. We highly recommend him!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Are you Hamsters??? Hedonic Treadmill

Hi people, as always I hope you are all well and happy. Happiness is the keyword! In regards to that I like to talk about consuming things! Most of us live in a relatively stable area of happiness, whether we have major successes or major failures. We are extremely ecstatic or completely devastated. But here's the catch! Neither of those two emotions lasts for long. Which brings us to the so called Hedonic Treadmill The hedonic treadmill describes pretty much the exact opposite of what modern advertisement promises us (3000 times daily), being that if we were to buy whatever item we may desire (mostly because of advertisement) we'd be happy! Untrue! According to the hedonic treadmill we are extremely happy whenever we purchase that new item we wanted so bad, but as soon as we have it the happiness we bought starts to wear off rapidly, we get bored of out item (for example our phones) and desire the new model of which. Repeat! Bottom line! If you're unhappy you've gotta change something, but to purchase a thing won't make you happy in the long run. Hope you guys enjoyed the read! Stay cool folks. Mario