Sunday, February 5, 2017

Have you ever climbed an active Volcano?? Why not!

Hi guys and welcome to another edition of Limitless Ways!

 Have you ever thought about climbing a volcano?
No?? Why the heck not! It's awesome!
So we've climbed a volcano just the other day. A volcano which has erupted last time in 2000! That particular Volcano is located in Indonesia, in Bali and is called Mt.Batur.

 The Climb

We were picked up by our local guide Arjana at 3 o'clock in the morning who took us to the base of Mt. Batur were we met our Guide for the climb itself, Wayan.

We started the climb at 4am in the pitchblack, our way only illuminated by our small headlamps and the raging lightning storm overhead! We got to the summit just before sunrise where we were greeted by the local monkeys and wild dogs...

The sunrise and the breakfast were phantastic. We had hardboiled eggs, but not the conventional way.
Given the fact we were on a volcano we'd have them boiled in Volcano-steam!


The sunrise itself was just beautiful. We were facing the other and much bigger volcano on the opposite side of the valley which had a cloudcap on it's top and there was a massive cloudbank rolling in as the sun went up.

The scenery was unreal!

After we visited a small temple at the entrance of a very deep, very narrow cave (where we couldn't get in), hiked across the ledge of the actual crater looking into the devils very eyes we slowly started our descent back down and off the mountain.

With Wayan as our tourguide we could not have had a funnier guy to deal with. If it wasn't for the altitude we would've been throwing ourselves on the ground loughing...

Not too astoundingly we were pretty tired by the time we got back to the base!

It is quite intimidating to climb an active volcano, but if you manage to put that thought off, it is the best thing ever!

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Stay cool!

Mario and Alex

P.S.: In case you are planning on travelling to Bali and you want to see the "real Bali", give our friend Arjana a heads up and he'll look after you. We highly recommend him!


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