Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It's dangerous to ride a scooter in Asia

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Our first scooter in Bali! How exciting!!!
If you have ever ridden a scooter in your life,  then you know that that can sometimes lead to dangerous and scary situations.
Something like: Your going down the road and a dog runs on the street... 
Your cruising along and all of a sudden you're overtaken by another scooter with crazy speed, no helmet, two people, two kids, a dog and some building supplies on board but with no worries at all...!

Welcome to Asia!

We've had a scooter for five days in Indonesia and it was scary like hell, traffic was intense and the actual situations described above, were nothing that wouldn't happen like that. We had the scooter for about an hour and I was really scared about it. But as we went on and kind of got to understand how the traffic works there - it made sense!

The people in Bali for instance, they look out for each other, whether it's scooters, pushbikes or cars. It seems that even dogs and goats have understood how the traffic works there. You may not be going very fast, but you are GOING all the time.

The scooter we hired from this lovely guy in Ubud.

Once we've got the hang of it, I think it really was safe.
I wish the traffic in Sydney was a bit more like that!

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