Monday, May 15, 2017


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In this post I want to talk about Criticism and what it is and what it does and what's it good or bad for.

We all know what it feels like to be criticized by people, worse if it's not random people who criticize us but people we know, people we value and people we hold dear.

What does Criticism feel like?

In my personal experience criticism certainly doesn't make me feel good, but it makes me question my previous decisions and/or opinions about something, which in the end led to criticism.

It sometimes make me feel stupid. Like: "Why the hell can't I get it right?" or "Was it really necessary to respond to him or her in this way?"

"You have blue hair?!?! That's silly! How do you think people will ever take you seriously?"

I don't think that would feel good to hear...  (and no, I didn't dye my hair blue)

What is criticism good for?

Criticism is only good if it is without judgment and when it's purpose is to help change something for the better and to help improve things (optimize possible solutions)
This is the kind of criticism called 'Constructive Criticism'.
Constructive criticism often happens in a professional environment where optimal solutions have to be found and people brainstorm and criticize in order to create an improved status quo, which is certainly every ones benefit because professionals get to pick each others brains.

That said, the goal of constructive criticism is not to make anyone feel bad, but to help each other and find good solutions.
Great if it works like that!

What is criticism bad for? 

If a person is criticized all the time for no apparent reason than it may not be constructive criticism at all, since it doesn't have any of the before mentioned benefits for anyone. It only makes the person being criticized nervous, anxious and chews on the person's self esteem, depending on how far the criticizing person drives it it can even lead to serious personal problems such as depression and illness!
This kind of criticism does not help anyone but the one who practices it on others. I'm talking from personal experience when I say that this can really eat you alive.
(this could also be considered bullying)

What is Criticism?

Perhaps the most important realization about criticism is this:

Criticism is but a mere reflection of a persons own insecurity, uncertainty and jealousy toward the person being criticized. Therefore you may accept it for what it is and move on, knowing that you are on the right path - on your own.

I hope you enjoyed the read folks, and until next time.

Take it easy.


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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Can you live without you TV?

Hey guys and welcome to LimitlessWays,


 Could you live without a TV??

Well, we can and we have just chosen to do so!
 After having pulled the power plug of our TV a couple of months ago in order to save some money on standby power consumption we have realized that we actually haven't used it in a while.
When we did, we got annoyed by all the advertisement in the program.
Advertisement to such an extend that a normal 2 hour movie ends up filling an entire saturday night for several hours.
That is ridiculous!
So a couple of weeks ago I asked Alex if she needs the Tv.
I didn't either!
So I took some pictures and put it up on gumtree.

Sold today!

Since we didn't really use it anyway it won't be much of a change for us anyway but for some people that'd be a major shift in lifestyle.
You'd be asking: " What should I do when I normally would watch TV?"

Well, that is an excellent question. I cannot give you an answer to your personal question unfortunately, but for us it is an awesome opportunity to use the "TV-time" and do something that has some meaning and that adds some value to your personal life instead of wasting it zapping through channels on the pursue for something somewhat entertaining.

  • We read
  • We have conversations, in fact we talk a lot more than we used to.
  • We learn new skills (like writing a blogpost)
  • We play games

Whatever we do has a good chance of having more meaning than vegetating there in front of the glowing screen and waiting until the next day arrives and we can go back to work.

There is something else to it. Something profound in fact. By having sold our TV, we have eradicated a major source of distraction out of our live.

No more annoying commercials, advertisements or six o'clock horrornews.

You get to choose what you hear and see, with that you get to choose what influences you in whichever way it may does. If you have a problem spending too much money buying stuff, if you are all the time depressed because of horrornews, then I have to say that there's a way to rid of that.

Get rid of it!

I hope y'all enjoyed this read.

Until next time!  Peace