Sunday, September 29, 2019

What's your excuse???

Hello amazing people,

before I came to Australia I was the dude that went out on Saturday nights to get drunk and fight.

In a lot of ways I was a bit of a "loose unit"

I think a lot of fights were more or less for the right reasons (to help or protect those that can't protect themselves against bullies) but clearly, to bash someones face is hardly a very smart thing to do.

When I decided to leave my home country Germany to come to Australia via a few stopovers in Asia a lot of my friends and family doubted me to say the least, in fact, my mom was convinced that I would find myself in a prison cell in Bangkok, because I couldn't control my temper and get into massive trouble.

Truth of the matter is that ever since I have left Germany and traveled through this world I have not had a single fight although there would've been plenty opportunity there for past Mario...

Against the doubt of friends and family who have also said that I would not last overseas I am still in Australia six years later.

Not only am I still here, but things are working very well for us and we make slow but steady progress in building the life we desire!

We are in the progress of becoming Australians and perhaps migrate Australia for good, but we leave that open for now.

How we got here...

How we got here is a long story, but the most important of all things is that we ate shit for a good three to four years!!!
The first few years in Australia were very humbling! Below are some of the things that I think stand out the most to me.

1. There is no government support for non Australians!  Simply put - If I don't work, I don't eat!
2. I can't just work for anyone: With the sponsorship visa I had I couldn't work for anyone but my sponsoring employer
3. Help from my family is 18000km away
4. My friends and family are all 18000km away.....
5. No Australian business prefers Germans they'd have to sponsor first.
6. You get treated like shit, you are not a special snowflake and if you cannot quit your job without loosing your visa, some bosses make sure you feel it too.

With that being said, we have worked our way through all that, which has almost cost my relationship with my partner but also the relationship with myself because my self esteem was somewhere near the bottom of the garbage bin.

I have to thank Alex for being the person she is and an absolute inspiration too, she has helped me to climb out of the hole I have been in and create a better life for both of us!

The lessons I have learned here are something I would've never learned if I would've stayed in my safe bubble, my comfort zone back home in Germany, but I would've never found out how much I can endure and achieve either.

There are no excuses! In order to grow, you need to get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself!

It's so worth it!

Even the best excuse is in the end only that - an excuse!

Let me  know what you think in the comments!! 

Until next time - be awesome!

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