Saturday, December 3, 2016

Running out of stuff

Hi guys,

I hope all you guys are doing well!

As you could read in my previous posts I am donating 1 item of mine every single day and I'm doing that for quite some time now and the joy of "giving' something or 'contributing' something consistently hasn't faded which is certainly great!

In fact, still I am looking forward to select an item and put it in the 'donation basket' every day!

But one thing I didn't think about in the first place starts happening now, and it is indeed quite disturbing when you're trying to find something to give away and all of a sudden you find that you're running out of stuff!

I'm runnning out of stuff! 

So today again I found myself looking, searching, climbing into my wardrobe in pursue of a 'donatable' item.

It's kinda funny how quickly you're obsolete material possessions subside and you've got nothing left to give unless you decide to run around naked of live in a completely deserted flat.

Well I guess I have to make up my mind on how exactly to accomplish my donation marathon over a couple of months until new years but...
 ...if there is one thing for certain than it is that:

This year holds another 28 days and I will give away at least another 28 items of mine for two reasons!

1st: I will stay true to my promise to donate an item each day till new years
2nd: If it involves me having to let go of some stuff that I'm really attached to than I'll do it for the sake of contribution.

That's it for now peeps!
I hope you enjoyed the read, I appreciate all of your feedback and subscriptions!

so up until next time,

Stay cool guys!