Thursday, October 24, 2019

What do you life by? Feelings or Principles?

Hello lovely people,

do you life by feelings or do you life by principles?

What a weird question, right?

It's an important one though, here's the thing:

Those who life by feelings will never get anywhere financially.

These people are always buying stuff to satisfy their desires and give them pleasure, but pleasure is not beneficial at all.

Don't believe me? Ask a drug addict how beneficial pleasure is to his overall life goals!

If you feel the constant urge to buy stuff and spend most of your money on things you do not really need and end up saving little to nothing of your income then this may be you!

This was definitely my way of life for a long time. And my finances were evidence.

Those who life by principles are financially often a lot better off than those who don't.
This is in part because of their ability to delay gratification (this is to postpone spending money) and also because of the habits and methods they have developed when it comes to money management.

Those people more often than not have a certain saving amount deducted from their wages and have their investment strategy in place and most importantly - they stick to it.

They realize that the pleasure of having plenty of cash which ultimately enables them to life the live they really want to life far outweighs the short term pleasure of the latest gadget they may feel tempted to buy.
So they won't buy it.

If you have a certain goal for retirement like I do (retire by the age of 40) you have to realize that this is anything but impossible. There is a road that leads to where you want to go, but you have to take the necessary steps to get there.

You are the only person to blame for your shitty bank balance, realize that and take 100% ownership of it!

Hope that helps.

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Until next time - be awesome!

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