Monday, October 21, 2019

Why can't you do it?

Hi you awesome people,

In this post I'd like to expand a little bit on my last post. Click here to read it now.

In the last post I talked about others telling us we can't do this or that which unfortunately over time embosses this idea into our minds, like scar tissue that you can't get rid of.

Why do all these people tell us we can't do the thing we got in our minds?

Well, I believe there are a few reasons for this and my thought may even surprise you a little.

Basically there are two categories of people that tell you this.

1.Work mates, loose friends, some family members and possible competitors .
2.Close friends and family 

Why do work colleagues and occasional mates tell us we can't do 'that'?

I think it is not very uncommon that people play our ideas down and redicule them. It is often for the reason that they themselves are not capable and or willing to pursue your idea, although they like it. Some people would rather not see you flourish and have success with your idea. Everyone has the need to be significant. Oddly enough I believe that a lot of folks out there try to keep their workmates and loose friends within their limitations and would hate to see them prosper and growing better and more successful and in a sense "out of their league".
You know by telling people they can't do 'it' whatever 'it' may be, they themselves don't have to stretch as much and they keep their mates within their vicinity as well. Nothing to worry or feel insignificant about, right.
If their mate prosper on the other hand, and they themselves staying where they are, they are not expanding with them...
Basically what I'm saying is this:
I think a lot of people have a problem with Jealousy.

People are limited only by what they believe in. The naysayers will never get anywhere because of the limitations he has put up for himself, like a thick brick wall.

I also believe that people tend to measure your ability to achieve something by what they think they themselves are able to achieve. It's not the right yardstick to measure YOUR potential with!

Why do our closest friends and family tell us we can't do 'that'?

I believe that the people closest to us generally have good intentions regarding our well-being and success which brings us to this burning question.

Why the hell are they telling me I can't do it then???

Being the people like our parents, siblings and best friends they would absolutely hate to see us getting hurt or burnt by an idea they thought you wouldn't be able to pull off.

Generally speaking I think their most important goal is to protect us from harm. To protect us from the grim world out there.
By trying to protect us from that and almost forcing us to go to school, get good grades, get a job and work up that corporate ladder, or if not up the corporate ladder at least get a job in a large company with good benefits that will get you through life safely.

You see, if you stay in that soul-crushing office or factory job, you'll be safe. And if that's all you want and need - great!

The day I started my apprenticeship back in 2005 I knew it wasn't for me! But what do you do right?

Today 15 years on, nothing much has changed, but my consciousness has evolved (very very slowly, I know) and I now realize that I was not born to go to work, ask my master (boss) if I can use some of MY time to do what I want to do (aka holiday).

It's a weird way of looking at it, but is our sole purpose of life to work, pay bills and die?

How about at least trying to fulfill our potential?

Look, I'm no Einstein by a long shot, but I do believe that no matter what anyone thinks about your potential, you owe it to the world to give it your best shot and keep trying.

Imagine this guy by the name of Thomas Edison would've given up when his teacher told his mother that he was mentally retarded. This apparently retarded kid has invented the lightbulb. It only took him 1000 unsuccessful attempt to make that happen! He later founded one of the largest Companies  in the world General Electric.

You've got more to give than a lot of people think possible.

Go and make it happen, because you can!

Until next time - be awesome!

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