Thursday, October 31, 2019

How do you spend your time?

Hi all,

today is another fairly busy day and it's late evening now.
So since I haven't got a TV the question often arises:

"What the hell are you doing if you don't have a telly?"

The answer is I sit here and write a blog-post. Also I read books, mostly on personal development and finance.
Or I exercise (since one of my goal is it to be at least 100 years old and still up and running) and then I spend a fair chunk of time with my significant other, enjoying the time we have together.

Whatever I do I try to spend my time wisely. I hate wasting time.

Time is the recourse that can help change the course of my life for the better.

By studying and exercising and learning and practicing I have the chance of constantly improving, slow and steady.

One day I may even be an overnight success.

Like yourself!

Use your time efficiently and make it useful. Don't waste it concerning yourself with what other people are doing (many of which are fake anyway #jones's), instead find something you love doing, get really good at it and make it work for you!

You've got the power to change your future! It is your responsibility to the world to work on yourself and fulfill your potential!

As always, be awesome!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Importance of eating together!

Hi all,

I've been asked the following question the other day:

"Do you and Alex always eat together?"

I looked at my coworker with what must've been a very funny face and said:

"Yes, of course!"

To my surprise she didn't think that is really normal and said it was really cool that we do that...

Look! It's really important that you and your partner/family sit down and eat together.

"Why is that?" you say?

Because it makes a family bond together, it breaks up the day from the business and craziness we all have to deal with!

Oh, and by the way - no phones on the dinner table!

You've got to use that time to enjoy the presence of the other person(s). It has historically been an important part of family cohesion. Just think about tribes somewhere in Africa. They do lots of things different to how we'd do them, but one thing is for sure - they eat together!

If you value the people you spend most of your time with, you may want to make dinnertime a priority and take the time to breathe and 'life that moment'.

We often life like there's no tomorrow, and one day that's true.

Until next time - be awesome!

Monday, October 28, 2019

I've got 400 ounces of pure gold!!!

Me holding a 400oz bar of pure gold!
Hello people,

I've been on the 2019 Gold and Alternative Investments Conference at the Sofitel Hotel in Sydney this weekend and I must say it was an impressive experience to see and talk to so many high level individuals (in an Investing and monetary sense) and also learn so much during the back to back presentations.
Basically the entire event was all about precious metals like Gold, Silver, and others and what role they all play within the global economy, now and in the future!
Another big topic has been of course, crypto currencies like  Bitcoin and others and what their good and bad at.

I have had the utter pleasure to hold a huge 400oz Gold bar worth around AU$890000!!!

Boom! Mind blown!

Me before the conference in front of the Sofitel Hotel Sydney.

Also have I learned of an entirely new precious metal, namely Osmium!

This stuff is so bloody beautiful that I would've liked to write out a check immediately.

Other big companies were the Perth Mint (they do all official government Silver and Gold coins and bars) and ABC Bullion who hosted the event.

In my own personal opinion I think that precious metals like Gold, Silver and others have a significant potential upside in the years to come. As a rule of thumb you can say that Silver and Gold create a pretty decent safeguard in times of economic upheaval which is precisely what were in at the moment.

Expert Q&A at the close of the conference.

As far as Bitcoin and other digital currencies go, I think they are definitely here to stay, but I am personally not confident enough to make a move and put any money towards them as the volatility at the moment is just too unpredictable for me.
But again that's just me. If you are comfortable with the potentially huge losses of your investment money, go for your life!

Just remember, those who spent their money on 'investments' they don't understand are not investors but gamblers.

It was a great experience and a great place to pick the brains of very intelligent people.

The best way to get better at what you do is to actually do it. This was probably one of the main reasons for me to attend this conference.

If you'd like to discuss some of my points of view regarding investing in precious metals and why I think it's a good idea, please get in touch as I'd love to answer questions and shed some light on how and why to do it.

Until next time - be awesome!


Thursday, October 24, 2019

What do you life by? Feelings or Principles?

Hello lovely people,

do you life by feelings or do you life by principles?

What a weird question, right?

It's an important one though, here's the thing:

Those who life by feelings will never get anywhere financially.

These people are always buying stuff to satisfy their desires and give them pleasure, but pleasure is not beneficial at all.

Don't believe me? Ask a drug addict how beneficial pleasure is to his overall life goals!

If you feel the constant urge to buy stuff and spend most of your money on things you do not really need and end up saving little to nothing of your income then this may be you!

This was definitely my way of life for a long time. And my finances were evidence.

Those who life by principles are financially often a lot better off than those who don't.
This is in part because of their ability to delay gratification (this is to postpone spending money) and also because of the habits and methods they have developed when it comes to money management.

Those people more often than not have a certain saving amount deducted from their wages and have their investment strategy in place and most importantly - they stick to it.

They realize that the pleasure of having plenty of cash which ultimately enables them to life the live they really want to life far outweighs the short term pleasure of the latest gadget they may feel tempted to buy.
So they won't buy it.

If you have a certain goal for retirement like I do (retire by the age of 40) you have to realize that this is anything but impossible. There is a road that leads to where you want to go, but you have to take the necessary steps to get there.

You are the only person to blame for your shitty bank balance, realize that and take 100% ownership of it!

Hope that helps.

Leave your questions and comments below. Also, make sure to subscribe to get regular updates.

Until next time - be awesome!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Why can't you do it?

Hi you awesome people,

In this post I'd like to expand a little bit on my last post. Click here to read it now.

In the last post I talked about others telling us we can't do this or that which unfortunately over time embosses this idea into our minds, like scar tissue that you can't get rid of.

Why do all these people tell us we can't do the thing we got in our minds?

Well, I believe there are a few reasons for this and my thought may even surprise you a little.

Basically there are two categories of people that tell you this.

1.Work mates, loose friends, some family members and possible competitors .
2.Close friends and family 

Why do work colleagues and occasional mates tell us we can't do 'that'?

I think it is not very uncommon that people play our ideas down and redicule them. It is often for the reason that they themselves are not capable and or willing to pursue your idea, although they like it. Some people would rather not see you flourish and have success with your idea. Everyone has the need to be significant. Oddly enough I believe that a lot of folks out there try to keep their workmates and loose friends within their limitations and would hate to see them prosper and growing better and more successful and in a sense "out of their league".
You know by telling people they can't do 'it' whatever 'it' may be, they themselves don't have to stretch as much and they keep their mates within their vicinity as well. Nothing to worry or feel insignificant about, right.
If their mate prosper on the other hand, and they themselves staying where they are, they are not expanding with them...
Basically what I'm saying is this:
I think a lot of people have a problem with Jealousy.

People are limited only by what they believe in. The naysayers will never get anywhere because of the limitations he has put up for himself, like a thick brick wall.

I also believe that people tend to measure your ability to achieve something by what they think they themselves are able to achieve. It's not the right yardstick to measure YOUR potential with!

Why do our closest friends and family tell us we can't do 'that'?

I believe that the people closest to us generally have good intentions regarding our well-being and success which brings us to this burning question.

Why the hell are they telling me I can't do it then???

Being the people like our parents, siblings and best friends they would absolutely hate to see us getting hurt or burnt by an idea they thought you wouldn't be able to pull off.

Generally speaking I think their most important goal is to protect us from harm. To protect us from the grim world out there.
By trying to protect us from that and almost forcing us to go to school, get good grades, get a job and work up that corporate ladder, or if not up the corporate ladder at least get a job in a large company with good benefits that will get you through life safely.

You see, if you stay in that soul-crushing office or factory job, you'll be safe. And if that's all you want and need - great!

The day I started my apprenticeship back in 2005 I knew it wasn't for me! But what do you do right?

Today 15 years on, nothing much has changed, but my consciousness has evolved (very very slowly, I know) and I now realize that I was not born to go to work, ask my master (boss) if I can use some of MY time to do what I want to do (aka holiday).

It's a weird way of looking at it, but is our sole purpose of life to work, pay bills and die?

How about at least trying to fulfill our potential?

Look, I'm no Einstein by a long shot, but I do believe that no matter what anyone thinks about your potential, you owe it to the world to give it your best shot and keep trying.

Imagine this guy by the name of Thomas Edison would've given up when his teacher told his mother that he was mentally retarded. This apparently retarded kid has invented the lightbulb. It only took him 1000 unsuccessful attempt to make that happen! He later founded one of the largest Companies  in the world General Electric.

You've got more to give than a lot of people think possible.

Go and make it happen, because you can!

Until next time - be awesome!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Will you succeed?

Hi Lovely people,

this is a story about myself and the perceptions of others on me.

I've got some ideas and try new things all the time, my head is always seeking out new things to learn and explore. Earlier in my life I was not aware of it but these days I am and I'm grateful for it.

I am pretty much always doing something I suck at, until I learn the basics and get better at it...
I love it. The process of learning something new all the time is the perfect tool for me to not be in my comfort zone. Only by stretching yourself past your comfort zone you can grow.

I do that all the time. It's a lot of fun and it keeps your brain working.

Anyway, point is this: Whenever I would learn something new I would be all excited, I'd tell my parents about it and all my plans and what it could lead to sometime down the track and so on...

Only to be told "You can't do that!"

Still to this day that has not stopped! I used to be so disappointed and deflated every time I heard those words. I would soon give up and eventually try something else!

I'll never know what it could've lead to.

These days, although those comments haven't changed - my reaction to those comments certainly has!

I am still sad and disappointed to hear it, but now I recycle those words and turn them into my fuel.

Remember: The ones that tell you you can't do it stand there watching you! So get to work and prove them wrong!

You, just like myself can achieve anything you dream of. You don't need anyone's permission to do so.
No excuses. Keep stretching, keep reaching for the stars.

Those people who have built the world we live in are no smarter than you!

It's a long tiring process of course, but it's the same for all of  us. You take your idea and work on it in your basement, unseen for ten years but always engineering your dream and never letting go until one day something changes.
And all of a sudden you'll be one of those 'overnight successes'!

Think about it. Take any of the super successful people.

Take Elon Musk of Tesla, of Richard Branson, or Warren Buffet, or Ray Dalio, or or or.

Those people have the most important thing in common. They will work on what makes them tick. Regardless and unconditionally.

They work until!

You can get there too. You don't have to be the smartest (I'm not), you just have to grind and grind until!

I sit here on a saturday night, typing this when I could go out partying, but my 'why', my 'goal' keeps me writing.

You know, I am a human being just like you, and yes - I too need to prove to  myself that I can do it. That I can do anything. I have to proof to myself that I can achieve what I desire. My goal is to serve you all and share my thoughts with you and hopefully give answers to some of your struggles but I also have to kill that sucker in my head that keeps telling me I can't do it!

I will kill that sucker!

Join me on my quest!

Make shit happen, because you can!

I love you!

Until next time - be awesome

Thursday, October 17, 2019

What's your direction???

Hi friends,

first of all I would like thank you all for reading my stuff! Writing for you guys helps me to get this stuff off my chest, but most of all I'm hoping to be able to add value to your life!

So you keep reading, and I'll keep writing!


OK, to work then.

What is your direction?

The thing with you direction is that if you do not change direction, you most likely will end up where you're headed!
It really is that simple.

Think of someone you do not want to end up like, say the old lonely drunk at the bar. You see him every day after you've knocked off from work and he's there, always drunk, always alone.

Well think of it this way, if you see him at the bar every day, it's because you're there as well. The point I'm trying to make is that, if you do the same thing as the old dude, what would you expect the outcome to be?

Very much the same, right?

On the other hand, look at something a little more inspiring. Say for instance you have a role model, someone like Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group. He's always smiling, he's embarking on all sorts of adventures and above all he's a very hard guy not to like.
He's got it all, right?

So what did he he do to get there?

You should read his biography (Losing my Virginity)

So he did all the things that made him so successful and success leaves clues.
If you can emulate the things that those people do that guess what, you can also be successful.

The rules are kind of simple.

1. You have to surround yourself with people you would like to be like.
It is said that you are the average of the three people you spend the most time with.

2. If you want to be seen as a success -speak like a success.
If all you do is bragging and bitching and all the "he said, she said" you're not getting anywhere other then maybe getting a job as a reporter for one of those gossip magazines that add little value to anyone's life really.

3. Study what those successful people did, there is a pattern there.

You've got to figure out the pattern and implement it into your life! HINT: These patterns are often what I am writing about.

4. Fake it till you make it.
Copy what your heroes do and fail. Fail, get back up, readjust and improve. This is the way to true success. You have to prove to the universe how bad you want it.
A half-assed attempt must yield a half-assed result at best.

5.Know the most important attributes of the ultra successful.
Most of them didn't start out wealthy, it's often a story from rags to riches. One commonality is that those who 'make it' to the other side never give up. Persistence is key, urgency is your friend. Your goal is your mission. You goal is bigger than yourself. You are a servant to the goal. Failure is not an option.

6. Last but not least. What is you why?
You can fiddle around for as long as you want until you find out what your mission will be. Whatever it may be, make sure you have a big why. If money is your main 'WHY' , the main or even worse the only reason you do what you do, you will not get there. Period.
Money is not a very good motivator over long periods of time. You have to have mission!
You will follow that mission no matter what, like Nelson Mandela did, sitting in Jail for half his lifetime..... Only an unbreakable human will will get you to where you need to be.

Guys, I hope you get a ton of value out of my posts! You are my why!

Please share, comment, like and so forth.
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Until next time - be awesome!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

You owe me nothing!

Hi all,

today's topic has a lot to do with what you owe to people and what people owe you.

There are some things that are a bit like a thorn in my side that really really sting me.

To say the name: ENTITLEMENT

I hate it!

Many many people think that other people owe them something.
The truth though, nobody owes you anything, and unless you're in debt in some way you don't owe anything to anyone either.

We had to learn this the hard way. Coming to Australia with nothing but a backpack, not being ENTITLED to govenment support and having nothing to fall back on is THE GREATEST ASSET you can have.

I said it before: If I don't work, I don't eat! Simple.

Australia owes me nothing, because I chose to come here. I made a decision to leave Germany behind to pursue my luck in Straya.
This is how I see it. If I do not have enough to pay my bills or to  put food on the table, I didn't do what I'm supposed to do to make that happen.
It's not the governments fault, they didn't bring me here.
I own it wholly!

This is awesome, because if things turn bad, there is no one I can blame, it's on me!

Of course you don't want to have to punch yourself in the gut, so you make sure your ends do meet and at the end of the day, you can have food on your table.

Not to have a safety net is the greatest gift you can have! (unless you have built that safety net yourself)

Not to have a safety net is the greatest gift you can have!

This makes you creative, it forces you to come up with ways to make money to get by. You tend to get creative. We took jobs that were far from glamorous to get by. We hated every second of it, but we also knew that this wouldn't be forever. We'd evolve and work our way out of it.

And we did!

This phase of what I like to call "eating shit" has probably been the single mist important to me personally. 


Because it builds character not to be "the one". Once you get through it, you look back and you can see how it all makes sense.

Once your wounds heal, you won't be the same person, you will have grown. And a lot.

So why do people think they ought be given things on a silver platter?

Honestly, I don't know. Maybe it's because they've had it too easy and have always been given the cool stuff by their parents. Or  maybe they were born into rich families.

Whatever it is! Make no mistake! No one owes you shit! You want it - you make it happen.

I am a firm believer that hardship is a gift! You turn the problem into an asset!

Don't be that spoiled brat in disguise.

Be a character person, work hard and earn it! 
Only then can you truly appreciate and be proud.

Because you'd deserve it!

Until next time - be awesome!

Book recommendation on the topic! The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F#*K by Mark Manson!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

What's your MOJO???

Hi Loveley's,

What's you Mojo?

Or let's start with what I actually mean by Mojo. Since reading the book "The Barefoot Investor", I have started to acquire quite a significant amount of Mojo which is Scott Pape's way of saying "Emergency Fund".

So the basic idea is to save some percentage of your income (say 10%) and put it away for a rainy day for when that emergency comes.

Now while it is great to a $1000 saved up, but the reality is that when that emergency hit's it is likely to cost a lot more. Say a car accident or a layoff  and you need to bridge the gap of lack of income with your emergency fund. How long would you be able to live the same way you live today without any money coming in?

If you answer is forever, congratulations! (Why are you even reading this)

If your answer is not for too long. Keep reading!

I have started with about $0 in my Mojo account. That was 2 years ago.

Now my emergency fund would be able to sustain my life as it is today for about 8 months.

This gives you that extra bit of reassurance 'just for when' it's needed most, hence "MOJO"

You can just open an high-interest savings account with your bank and setup your regular payment with the app (no end date for transactions).

This is an easy way to set and forget your saving and you'll be surprised how much money you will soon have......

A word of warning: If you feel the strong urge to always look at how much money you have and what you can spend it on, you should probably open that account with a different bank to kind of isolate it from you normal bank account. This makes it less likely for you to look at and also reduces the temptation as this money is not in you face all the time and you tend to forget about it...

With that bit of financial safety behind you things tend to seem a lot less frightening, like that layoff or the fact that your car just died. It's fine, you'll be fine.
The emergencies that do occasionally come up will not be as problematic as they used to be and won't have on impact on your lifestyle.

Now go and set up your own Mojo!

Until next time - be awesome!

PS: I am not affiliated in any way with Scott Pape's Barefoot Investor and will not receive kickbacks of any kind! I just love his style and what he has achieved in helping millions of people boss their finances! I highly recommend his books!
If You read this and you are Mr. Scott Pape, feel  free to get in touch with me! I'd be honored.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

How much do you put in?

Hi awesome people,

I have a very important question.

How much are you putting in? It's real important because it makes THE difference.

Have you ever heard the saying "You get out what you put in?
Well this is the ultimate rule of life! If you sit there twiddling your thumps and just coasting, whether it'd be in your private life or at work, well I'm sorry to say but that's exactly what your outcome will look like.

I believe in Karma, and I also believe that there must be some sort of universal equilibrium or balance.
That means that how ever much energy and effort and love you invest into your job, your relationship or your project in perfect balance with how amazing the outcome will be.

Think of your favorite musician for instance. He/She/They would've been locked away in some dungeon practicing their playing technique, rehearsing for what would seem like for ever, until they get to the other side - having become an overnight success!

Or think of the great sportspeople like the Goverenator Arnold Schwarzenegger or boxer Mike Tyson.
They had a clear goal, they had vision!

The difference between those ultra successful stars and most other people is that they couldn't give a crap whether other people would approve what they're doing. Those people have laser like focus!


So back to us mortals. Guess what - there is no difference between you and me and THEM.
All you need to do is get to work, make it happen. A little bit at a time, and in due time, you too will be one of those "overnight successes"

The choice is yours!

Until next time - Be awesome

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Do you really need it?

Hello lovely people,

you know what it's like, we all want that new car and the new phone or that sick curved TV, right?


I may be different in a lot of way's, admittedly, but one thing has and still does stand out to me!
Since we have gotten rid of our TV about three years ago, it's gone very quiet.

I loved it so much that have also deleted the facebook app from my phone.

Whilst I know that I am loosing most people right there I can tell you what that has achieved for me.
It has significantly reduced the amount of NOISE in my life!

It has also reduced my exposure to ads on either of those, trying to do only one thing - turning my money into theirs!

While it always seems that buying the things we see and hear advertised left, right and centre are supposed to make us all happier and make life that much more convenient it really is about getting the money from our pocket into theirs -and it's big business!

Now I am not opposing tech and all other stuff, but here's the catch. If I was to buy a phone for say $1500 that can do almost everything but making coffee I likely end up doing almost the exact things I am doing with my old beat up phone right now, taking snapshots, making calls and texting.

What does that $10000 curved TV do? It plays the same ads the old one did.

I know I know - these items have their place and a lot of people get a lot of value out of them, I am not one of them. So each to their own of course.

The point I am trying to make is that these ultra awesome new items that are supposed to make us look just as good as the people in the ads do not!

Matter of fact, that new I phone that you had to have last year is outdated now and has become the source for frustration and a feeling of insignificance, because the new Iphone 23 has just come out and it has all those new features!

These days, we don't see a lot of ads or news, which means the first thing in the morning is not an impulse to buy such and such or the latest terror news from where ever, but I get to decide what my mood for the day will be, without distractions.

Most things we think we need, we don't! We just want them really bad, and we come up with all sorts of reasons why we need them so bad!

When I want something really bad I usually wait for about a month or so, and if I still want it real bad I buy it.

More often than not though, after a month I have forgotten all about the thing and I won't be getting it.

Just honestly ask yourself before you buy something "do I actually need it?"

And also ask "what happens if I don't buy it?"

I think in my case I have easily saved a couple of thousand dollars by asking those questions and continue to do so!

Just remember this:

It's not about how much you earn, but how much you keep.

And also, you do not have to keep up with anyone! The ones that invest that much money into buying stuff and looking as if they had money often don't!

You are better than that!

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Until next time - be awesome!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Have you figured it out yet?

Hi all,

whether you watch a video on youtube or you scroll through Instagram, you see a whole heap of ads pop up of slick looking guys and gals who seem to have it all figured out.

Picture a dude like this. Young smick looking guy posing in front of a brand new Lambo showing off how that one brilliant idea of his has made him an overnight success. And now he'd be asking you if you're sick of your 9-5 job yet and all those other "yes" oriented questions....

Please...... STFU

While there are some bitcoin billionaires out there this is not the norm by a long shot!

Look there is nothing wrong with wanting to quit your job and live happy ever after.
I want to do that too, yet here I am in my free time writing all those blogposts, working on my sidehustle and trying to gain traction. All the while we are both working full time!

Here's what I think about hard work: It works!

I feel like punching a hole in my computer screen when I see all those fake lambo posters.
Some of them may be legitimate, but they create a wrong picture. To get rich quick is not realistic.

In order to make it happen, you have to pull the finger and make it happen.

No days off - no pays off

I encourage you to muster the courage to get started and do something. 

If you are not happy in your job, do something about it. Don't quit your job, but do something you like to do, maybe a hobby that you could turn into a business.

If you want to achieve something for your family or just yourself, you must do something that is out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself that little bit further every day in order to grow.

Soon enough you will look back and you will be surprised at the process you have already made.

You are not alone! I am with you, just trying and testing and hustling along, trying to make everyday a little bit better.

As Steve Jobs once said - you can't always see what's ahead of you, but you can connect the dots when you look back at the progress you've made!

Now go and make it happen!

Please share this article with your friends and family and leave me a comment or question below.

I love you all!

Until next time - be awesome!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

I want it now!

Hi all,

there seems to be one common issue in today's society. I feel that modern day people have something I like to call an Insta-mentality.

Now what do I mean bu that?

To me it means that we are so conditioned to instant gratification these days via (anti) social media, facebook and instagram. We post something and then we spend the next couple of hours waiting for likes and comments, who liked first, second, third, and who commented what.

It gets to a point were social media bullying has become a thing, it's getting to a point where beautiful young woman have plastic surgery to make them look perfect on their selfies!

I think this is crazy and sad at the same time!

Now, I do not think that Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok are generally bad - their not. But they have helped create a culture in which a lot of us are more concerned with what happens on social media than what happens in real life. It creates the illusion that everybody lives a million dollar life but oneself.

Of course a whole lot of all that is fake!

We have been conditioned to get instant gratification the days. We cannot wait until we have saved up for what ever it is that we want to purchase. And we don't have to either! Why not just afterpay it or use your credit card to "own it now".

Instant gratification right?

How much does this car cost. Sir?

Only $99!

A WEEK!!!!!!!!!

What about it costs $25000?

You take cash, mate?

Few people realize that this is a trap.

It's a debt trap!  A trap that enslaves the borrower to the lender!

But wait! Didn't they say I have the "freedom" to buy the things I want now? Didn't they say "own it now, pay later"?

They sure did! But the only thing you really own is a bunch of liabilities!

This amplifies the advantages of my way of doing things!

 Advantage no.1: 

By having to save up I have to delay my gratification, which means I have to wait. By having to wait I have the time to reevaluate my desire to buy the thing, more often than not I don't even want to own it anymore by the time I have the money for it!

Advantage no.2

Obviously if I have to save up to pay the thing outright, I do not have to use the at least questionable "services" of the credit industry.
In short I buy it, pay in full and actually own the thing!

What's your opinion?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love you all.

Until next time - be awesome!

Picture Credit: https://hackernoon.com/instant-gratification-a21913eacda

Friday, October 4, 2019

What is wrong with Grandma 's way??

Hi all,

often when friends and co-workers talk about buying things I just can't get my head around how they're able to afford all those things.

Be it that $800 handbag (ridiculous in my view) or the new cars a lot of 20 year old boys and gals drive around in. I always stop and think "how can they afford all those nice things?"

The truth is, that more often than not, they can't! They pay outrageous amounts of interest for the car they drive and they afterpay their way overpriced gadgets like that Gucci belt or the Luise Vuitton (is that even spelled right???) handbag.

Way too many people spend money they don't have to impress people they don't like with stuff they don't need!  

And then there is old Granny who lives a modest lifestyle with the money her small retirement brings in. And yet old Granny has no debts, has cash in the bank (or in her pillowcase) and has paid off the house or unit she lives in!

A lot of people these days inherit a fair bit of money that Pop and Nan have worked their butt off for...
The thing is that future Grandson and Granddaughter might not be so lucky with their inheritance because these days everything is bought with Afterpay, Zip pay, Credit Cards and ultra convenient personal loans and car loans....

In Germany we call this "buying on pump" which basically means that the money gets pumped your way by means of borrowing....

On the upside I think that more and more people are waking up to realize that old Granny isn't that silly after all with the way she handles her financials!

And this is why:

How my generation buys stuff!

-Afterpay (own now pay later)
-Zip pay (own the things you love now and pay them later)
-Credit cards (15%-20% Interest - hell yeah!!!)
-Personal loans (10%-20% interest - hell yeah!!!)

How Grandma buys the things she needs!

-Saving up
-Comparing prices to make sure she gets the most "bang for her buck"
-Buying the things she wants outright (Own now and  pay now!)

I really really like the way our Grandparents work with the money they have. They might not be the most literate when it comes to investing their money wisely and stuff like that, but they sure as hell know how to use their money to get them the things they want!

I have been brought up using the old fashioned way of purchasing the things I want. Never have I been in debt nor have I ever had a loan of any kind!

The thought of buying things I cannot afford is foreign to me!

This is how I buy things!

-I don't buy shit I don't need!
-I don't buy stuff to impress anyone, I do not care what any debt laden wannabe thinks about me when I drive an old car that is mechanically sound but maybe not as shiny as theirs (or the banks for that matter)...
-I do not use any of those Afterpay or equivalent debt traps (designed to lure young people in)
-If I want it but cannot afford it, I won't buy it!
-Before I buy something, say a car or a computer I do my research. I want the best my money can buy. Also I want the things I buy for as cheap as possible! The most bang for my buck!
-I buy most things second hand. Let other people pay crazy prices for brand new cars, accessories and other stuff!

By doing things this way I have a number of advantages:

-I get the high quality stuff at wholesale prices!
-The downside is protected, meaning that if I decide to resell the item, whatever it may be, I am likely to make most or all of my money back. Sometimes I even make a profit!

I am so grateful by having this kind of mentality about money. My parents and grandparents have done a great job! 

How does this sound to you???
Let me know in the comments below or get in touch with me directly (contact tab)

Until next time - be awesome!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Are you already Naked???

Hi everyone,

I hope y'all have a great day. I certainly do, because I have the honor to sit here and write something that all of you are going to love!


With that off my chest we may get started.

In a very famous speech he has delivered to a University Class he said the most valuable thing one can have in his life is the knowledge that you're gonna die!

By knowing that you gonna die, by knowing there is nothing you will take with you once you leave this place there is nothing to be feared.

There is nothing you can loose - you are already naked.

By making this way of thinking a mentality, you no longer have fear of loosing something.

If you are already naked , you may as well go after your dreams.

I was afraid and embarrassed to publish my thoughts and views on this website, but does it really matter if some people frown and lough about what I'm doing??

Look, I am already an expert in failing - so I may as well fail forward!

It became crystal clear to Steve Jobs that he was already naked when he was diagnosed with cancer, the doctors diagnosed a tumor on his pancreas and he was told that it was most likely going to be incurable.

He was told then that they expected him to live no longer than three to six months!
The doctors told him to go home to bring his affairs in order!

To bring his affairs in order means to prepare for death!

This is a truly motivating way to look at life in pursuit of what is your mission, your goal, the life of your dreams!

To sum it all up!

I know we all have to make ends meet! So keep your day job, do what you gotta do, but make an effort to work on something you have to achieve in your life but you've put off for way too long!

A little of something is a lot more than all of nothing!

You only have today! Start now! You become an expert in due time! 

There is nothing left to loose - you are already naked!

Until next time - be awesome!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

From Zero to Hero

Hi all,

today I'd like to elaborate a little bit on yesterdays post regarding Minimalist Finance that Works.

To prove that I am not only talking the talk but actually walk my talk I'd like to tell you all that not too long ago we had absolutely no money left in the bank.

One could say we were officially broke!

In fact, when we moved into a different apartment back in January 2016, we barely had enough money to pay for the rental bond (4 weeks worth of rent).

After that very humbling time, we have worked our way through adversity, ate shit for a while and dug ourselves out of a whole!

Note that there is no self pity here, quite the opposite is true as it was those days that most shaped me as a person, but also us as couple! You learn how to deal with it and make it work. 
Later on, when you encounter similar situations or adversity again, you can say "Oh, it's just another one of those!"

Back on track, Mario!

We started out by setting up our bank accounts like I have described in yesterdays post (read it now),
setting our savings targets and adjusting them over time.

Say we had an amount X going into the account that covers all expenses and we'd always run out of money on that account, we'd have to increase it accordingly, etc.

We eventually found our equilibrium which works pretty well, but we always try and squeeze a little bit more savings out of it...

Since we have been chipping away saving and saving and adjusting as we go, we have been able to save up an amount of money that is approaching our combined annual after tax income!

We have saved up almost
 our combined annual  after tax income.


I love this song "I got gas in the tank. I got money in the bank. I've got news for you baby - you're looking at the Man!"

The crazy bit is this: It took only about 3 years!!! That's what I call from zero to hero!

The things you can achieve with only a little bit of dedication and discipline are stunning!

We will most definitely continue with this and are looking for ways to make our money work for us (other than a high interest bank account).

I hope you guys get some value out of this and subscribe, comment, ask questions below!

Also, feel free to share with everyone you know!

Until next time - be awesome!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Minimalist Finance that works!

G'day lovely people,

today is another wonderful day and I'm pumped to be able to put out another bit of information that might actually change your life!!!

This is finance for dummies or as I like to call it "Minimalist Finance" that actually works!

The following is how my lovely partner and I handle all of our money related affairs and I can tell you that it has changed our lives!

There are a number of advantages that really stand out to me:

1: It has minimized a lot of "friction" in relation to money!
2: It has made our situation crystal clear and easy to understand - no room for misunderstanding
3: It has created the capital to do a lot of things we wouldn't have been able to do otherewise

Ok! Lets get started shall we?

As I have mentioned before, we have our bank accounts with ING-Australia which does have a few very sweet perks for us frugal people!

1: It's FREE!! How good is that right!? No fees for banking or anything!
2:It rebates all ATM charges! Even for the dodgy pub ATM's or the ones you use on your overseas holiday! Again, another nice FREEBY!
3: You can open a number of online saver accounts, joint accounts and nickname them as you wish!

I know, some online saver accounts call themselves "high interest online saver" or something along those lines! At the moment the maximum savings rate for your nominated account is 2.3% which is about two thirds of bugger all, but I guess it's tough economic times after all. I rather take a little of something than all of  nothing!

I rather take a little of 
something than all of  nothing!

This is how we have arranged it for us!

Note: The percentage amounts for each account depend on your expenses and how much you can afford to put into each account. Obviously the more you'd be able to save, the better.

Is this simple or what!?

Now with most bank accounts theses days you can automate recurring payments between your own accounts which makes everything sooo easy! 
All you need to do is set it all up once, and never touch it again!

The beauty about all this is, that all your expenses are paid for without you having to touch anything, because there is always enough money there. And if there is not enough money there, you'll notice right away because you will overdraw your account, which in turn will eat into your savings ( which hopefully hurts) so you may streamline your expenses too!

Before you know it, you'll have a sizable amount of dough stashed away to do the things that are worth the wait!

Now I hope this pose brings a lot of value to you guys and changes at least one life!!

Please leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below and feel free to share this postwith your friends and family!

Until next time - be awesome!