Wednesday, October 2, 2019

From Zero to Hero

Hi all,

today I'd like to elaborate a little bit on yesterdays post regarding Minimalist Finance that Works.

To prove that I am not only talking the talk but actually walk my talk I'd like to tell you all that not too long ago we had absolutely no money left in the bank.

One could say we were officially broke!

In fact, when we moved into a different apartment back in January 2016, we barely had enough money to pay for the rental bond (4 weeks worth of rent).

After that very humbling time, we have worked our way through adversity, ate shit for a while and dug ourselves out of a whole!

Note that there is no self pity here, quite the opposite is true as it was those days that most shaped me as a person, but also us as couple! You learn how to deal with it and make it work. 
Later on, when you encounter similar situations or adversity again, you can say "Oh, it's just another one of those!"

Back on track, Mario!

We started out by setting up our bank accounts like I have described in yesterdays post (read it now),
setting our savings targets and adjusting them over time.

Say we had an amount X going into the account that covers all expenses and we'd always run out of money on that account, we'd have to increase it accordingly, etc.

We eventually found our equilibrium which works pretty well, but we always try and squeeze a little bit more savings out of it...

Since we have been chipping away saving and saving and adjusting as we go, we have been able to save up an amount of money that is approaching our combined annual after tax income!

We have saved up almost
 our combined annual  after tax income.


I love this song "I got gas in the tank. I got money in the bank. I've got news for you baby - you're looking at the Man!"

The crazy bit is this: It took only about 3 years!!! That's what I call from zero to hero!

The things you can achieve with only a little bit of dedication and discipline are stunning!

We will most definitely continue with this and are looking for ways to make our money work for us (other than a high interest bank account).

I hope you guys get some value out of this and subscribe, comment, ask questions below!

Also, feel free to share with everyone you know!

Until next time - be awesome!

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