Thursday, October 3, 2019

Are you already Naked???

Hi everyone,

I hope y'all have a great day. I certainly do, because I have the honor to sit here and write something that all of you are going to love!


With that off my chest we may get started.

In a very famous speech he has delivered to a University Class he said the most valuable thing one can have in his life is the knowledge that you're gonna die!

By knowing that you gonna die, by knowing there is nothing you will take with you once you leave this place there is nothing to be feared.

There is nothing you can loose - you are already naked.

By making this way of thinking a mentality, you no longer have fear of loosing something.

If you are already naked , you may as well go after your dreams.

I was afraid and embarrassed to publish my thoughts and views on this website, but does it really matter if some people frown and lough about what I'm doing??

Look, I am already an expert in failing - so I may as well fail forward!

It became crystal clear to Steve Jobs that he was already naked when he was diagnosed with cancer, the doctors diagnosed a tumor on his pancreas and he was told that it was most likely going to be incurable.

He was told then that they expected him to live no longer than three to six months!
The doctors told him to go home to bring his affairs in order!

To bring his affairs in order means to prepare for death!

This is a truly motivating way to look at life in pursuit of what is your mission, your goal, the life of your dreams!

To sum it all up!

I know we all have to make ends meet! So keep your day job, do what you gotta do, but make an effort to work on something you have to achieve in your life but you've put off for way too long!

A little of something is a lot more than all of nothing!

You only have today! Start now! You become an expert in due time! 

There is nothing left to loose - you are already naked!

Until next time - be awesome!

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