Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Baby steps to cash in your pocket!

Hi all,

when it comes to money we all have different ways of dealing with it.

A lot of people save really hard for a while and get some money to their name and then go on a massive spending spree which gets them back to start without getting the $4000 bucks.

Truth be told, to be diligent and save money and then actually keeping is hard and requires willpower and persistence. If it was that easy everybody would have plenty cash in the bank and not a money worry in the world.

Unfortunately social media and the advertising industry both do an amazing job when it comes to making your money someone else's and so the detriment starts...

I do not own a television, nor do I waste my most precious recourse on (anti)social media to see what new gadgets there are and what the Jones's are doing (couldn't care less) and how I do not need money to "own" it now , when I can just afterpay it.  How convenient!

I often listen in disbelief when some of my mates say: 

"I want this and that and the other thing..." 

to which I often say 

"Yeah but how can you afford this when you haven't got any money to your name at all or are in debt??" 

the answers often leave me baffled...

"Don't worry Mario, I just afterpay it...!


Here's  my opinion on afterpay:   "Afterpay is for poor people!"

Intelligent people would've bought afterpay shares instead of using their at least questionable "service".  

By not having a telly and not really using social media a lot I managed to cut out a lot of the temptations from ads and the urge to having to keep up with what I "supposed" to have and what not.

I tend to keep my money in the bank and watch it grow (this is more satisfying then watching any tv-show I can assure you!

Bottom line is this: If you want to save more you first need to work on how you treat the money you make. 

It is not about how much money you make, but how much you keep!

I have multiple bank accounts (all fee free accounts) into which a fixed portion of my income get transferred every time I get paid. I do not have to do anything and every week my money stash grows and grows.

I also make sure that I don't overdo it. I leave a predetermined amount of money in my normal account for me to just spend on whatever. But once that "spending money is gone, that's it! 

I can recommend an ING bank account. To set one one up takes about five minutes and you can do it from you phone. Also you can setup I believe up to ten online saver accounts as well in which you can deposit money for what ever purpose (Emergency fund, Holiday fund, Fun fund, etc)

Note: there are no kickbacks or anything as I recommend this as a private and independent dude and nothing else.

If you have other recommendations or questions, please leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Until then - be awesome

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