Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Minimalist Finance that works!

G'day lovely people,

today is another wonderful day and I'm pumped to be able to put out another bit of information that might actually change your life!!!

This is finance for dummies or as I like to call it "Minimalist Finance" that actually works!

The following is how my lovely partner and I handle all of our money related affairs and I can tell you that it has changed our lives!

There are a number of advantages that really stand out to me:

1: It has minimized a lot of "friction" in relation to money!
2: It has made our situation crystal clear and easy to understand - no room for misunderstanding
3: It has created the capital to do a lot of things we wouldn't have been able to do otherewise

Ok! Lets get started shall we?

As I have mentioned before, we have our bank accounts with ING-Australia which does have a few very sweet perks for us frugal people!

1: It's FREE!! How good is that right!? No fees for banking or anything!
2:It rebates all ATM charges! Even for the dodgy pub ATM's or the ones you use on your overseas holiday! Again, another nice FREEBY!
3: You can open a number of online saver accounts, joint accounts and nickname them as you wish!

I know, some online saver accounts call themselves "high interest online saver" or something along those lines! At the moment the maximum savings rate for your nominated account is 2.3% which is about two thirds of bugger all, but I guess it's tough economic times after all. I rather take a little of something than all of  nothing!

I rather take a little of 
something than all of  nothing!

This is how we have arranged it for us!

Note: The percentage amounts for each account depend on your expenses and how much you can afford to put into each account. Obviously the more you'd be able to save, the better.

Is this simple or what!?

Now with most bank accounts theses days you can automate recurring payments between your own accounts which makes everything sooo easy! 
All you need to do is set it all up once, and never touch it again!

The beauty about all this is, that all your expenses are paid for without you having to touch anything, because there is always enough money there. And if there is not enough money there, you'll notice right away because you will overdraw your account, which in turn will eat into your savings ( which hopefully hurts) so you may streamline your expenses too!

Before you know it, you'll have a sizable amount of dough stashed away to do the things that are worth the wait!

Now I hope this pose brings a lot of value to you guys and changes at least one life!!

Please leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below and feel free to share this postwith your friends and family!

Until next time - be awesome!

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