Thursday, October 10, 2019

How much do you put in?

Hi awesome people,

I have a very important question.

How much are you putting in? It's real important because it makes THE difference.

Have you ever heard the saying "You get out what you put in?
Well this is the ultimate rule of life! If you sit there twiddling your thumps and just coasting, whether it'd be in your private life or at work, well I'm sorry to say but that's exactly what your outcome will look like.

I believe in Karma, and I also believe that there must be some sort of universal equilibrium or balance.
That means that how ever much energy and effort and love you invest into your job, your relationship or your project in perfect balance with how amazing the outcome will be.

Think of your favorite musician for instance. He/She/They would've been locked away in some dungeon practicing their playing technique, rehearsing for what would seem like for ever, until they get to the other side - having become an overnight success!

Or think of the great sportspeople like the Goverenator Arnold Schwarzenegger or boxer Mike Tyson.
They had a clear goal, they had vision!

The difference between those ultra successful stars and most other people is that they couldn't give a crap whether other people would approve what they're doing. Those people have laser like focus!


So back to us mortals. Guess what - there is no difference between you and me and THEM.
All you need to do is get to work, make it happen. A little bit at a time, and in due time, you too will be one of those "overnight successes"

The choice is yours!

Until next time - Be awesome

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