Saturday, September 28, 2019

I'm not good enough to do that....

Hi all,

we all have our difficulties and our shortcomings no matter who we think we are!

I do, you do, we all do.

Here's one thing I have learnt during my time in Australia:

You have to have a little bit of faith in yourself! If you fail, and you will at some point, you need to embrace your failure!

You need to use it, look at it and learn from it.

Let me tell you this! To do something amazing has absolutely nothing to do with how smart you are, but it has everything to do with how persistent you are and how you use your failures to get you to the next level.

To fail does not mean you are a failure, it means there is still more to learn and things to get better at!

You must not let failure defeat you!

The most famous and incredible business people in the world were failing their way to success.

Take for instance Thomas Edison who was labeled mentally retarded by his primary school teacher, yet his mother told him that his teacher had advised her that he'd be too smart to be taught at school and that she (his mother) now had to teach him at home.

Thomas Edison became probably the most influential inventor in the world and was the founder of the company General Electric which is still to date one of the largest companies in the world.

Thomas Edison lit up the world!

It took Thomas 1000 attempts to come up with a functioning light bulb, yet Thomas did not fail a 999 times - he'd found 999 ways not to make a light bulb!

We must not surrender to failure, because that would be the ultimate failure and the entire world would miss out on the lost potential!

My own experience is that you'd be amazed how far you can get by just giving things an honest try and learn as you go, improve and adjust!

Go for it! It's worth it!

A little weekend motivation!

'Til next time - be awesome!

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