Friday, September 27, 2019

Never take "NO" for an answer!

Hi all,

What if you applied for a job and you go through the interview phase and out of a few thousand people you make it into the last four people?

You'd feel pretty good about yourself and almost reached your goal.

Then, the phone rings and they tell you that they have decided against you!

You wouldn't understand what happened I guess. You'd be pissed off!

This is what happened to Marc Randolph when he applied for a high paying advertising executive job.

When he was told he wouldn't get the gig, he could've easily given up and moved on, it's no big deal after all, I mean if there are a few thousand people applying for the job, chances are high that there are a lot of guys and gals that are smarter than he was.

But Randolph decided he wouldn't give up there!

He wrote letters to the interviewers and asked them why he didn't get
the job. He asked them what he would need to learn in order to make it through, in order to get that job.

He later learned that none of the four finalists had gotten the job. In fact they wanted to see who would not take "NO" for an answer!

After all, if you make it under the last four people,  your pretty damn close to getting the job, right?

Turns out that they had offered him the job!

They not only wanted to find the most skilled person for the job, they wanted to know how bad the applicants wanted it!

Randolph wanted it bad enough to not be embarrassed to go back and asked what they wanted him to be able to do - which was just that!

The lessons to take from that are that you make yourself a hell more attractive if you show your teeth and make sure that people have no doubt about how bad you want the cake and that you make it happen - no matter what!

To see the full interview with the amazing Gary Vaynerchuck and Marc Randolph klick here!

Please make sure to check it out!

Until next time - be awesome!

P.S. I have hijacked the Gary Vee titlepage and I hope he won't sue me for it!

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