Sunday, October 6, 2019

I want it now!

Hi all,

there seems to be one common issue in today's society. I feel that modern day people have something I like to call an Insta-mentality.

Now what do I mean bu that?

To me it means that we are so conditioned to instant gratification these days via (anti) social media, facebook and instagram. We post something and then we spend the next couple of hours waiting for likes and comments, who liked first, second, third, and who commented what.

It gets to a point were social media bullying has become a thing, it's getting to a point where beautiful young woman have plastic surgery to make them look perfect on their selfies!

I think this is crazy and sad at the same time!

Now, I do not think that Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok are generally bad - their not. But they have helped create a culture in which a lot of us are more concerned with what happens on social media than what happens in real life. It creates the illusion that everybody lives a million dollar life but oneself.

Of course a whole lot of all that is fake!

We have been conditioned to get instant gratification the days. We cannot wait until we have saved up for what ever it is that we want to purchase. And we don't have to either! Why not just afterpay it or use your credit card to "own it now".

Instant gratification right?

How much does this car cost. Sir?

Only $99!

A WEEK!!!!!!!!!

What about it costs $25000?

You take cash, mate?

Few people realize that this is a trap.

It's a debt trap!  A trap that enslaves the borrower to the lender!

But wait! Didn't they say I have the "freedom" to buy the things I want now? Didn't they say "own it now, pay later"?

They sure did! But the only thing you really own is a bunch of liabilities!

This amplifies the advantages of my way of doing things!

 Advantage no.1: 

By having to save up I have to delay my gratification, which means I have to wait. By having to wait I have the time to reevaluate my desire to buy the thing, more often than not I don't even want to own it anymore by the time I have the money for it!

Advantage no.2

Obviously if I have to save up to pay the thing outright, I do not have to use the at least questionable "services" of the credit industry.
In short I buy it, pay in full and actually own the thing!

What's your opinion?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love you all.

Until next time - be awesome!

Picture Credit: https://hackernoon.com/instant-gratification-a21913eacda

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