Monday, February 13, 2017

Building a base

Hello and welcome to Limitless Ways,

today I'd like to talk about building base.

Now what exactly is a base?

For me a base is something I may call home, or the people that surround me on daily basis, and of course the feeling I associate with exactly that.

Everybody knows what I'm heading at! The feeling of coming home...

Now I'm living in Australia for a bit more than three years now, and when I first got here I haven't had any base whatsoever.


that's not exactly true!

I've got my much loved brother in Australia, in Adelaide to be precise. But now I'm in Sydney and when I got here I haven't had no base.

So this was a quite eye-opening period, in which I painfully learned how bad it is to be lonely and to know nobody, in fact, not to have a base.

As depressing as it was, I had to do something about it, so I signed up in a gym not far from where I used to live. That came with a number of great benefits, for example: I was forced to talk and understand English, I had to engage with new people every time I went to class.
That was one of the first step to building a base. There were social event held by the gym where I regularly attended, met people and build friendships that still exist!

I got to know people at work which had a similar effect as in the gym, and then probably the most amazing thing was whenever we went for camping or hiking or something of that kind we met people with which we engaged and still are in contact today.

Only recently we went from Sydney to the beautiful Byron Bay on the East Coast where we went to see our friend Heidi, about a thousand kilometers away.
Then we went to Wollongong, south of Sydney and caught up with our friend Sean who we met last year when we were camping in Canberra.

It seems that we get to know more and more people in Australia, and more awesome all over Australia so that where ever we got we can catch up with friends and make some amazing memories.

This is what I see as a base.

If you are ever afraid of leaving your comfort zone and go somewhere where you don't know anyone - do it! In only three years we were able to built a solid base of good people around us that give us an almost homely feeling where we are right now.

I believe this is a great achievement!

Be aware that this will never happen from your couch or in front of the TV, but comes with a lot of work and a lot of effort.

I hope you got my message, and if not, feel free to comment or to get in contact directly with me, so I can address your queries and comments.

Thanks everyone

Stay cool


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