Sunday, February 19, 2017

Liars!!! Who do you think is honest!?

Hello and welcome to another Limitless Ways edition!

I'd like to talk about whether or not you actually can trust anyone!?

Well, can you?

Do you trust your friends, spouse and family?

I'm inclined to say I do, but...


Yes, but!

Because, as a matter of fact all of us are liars!

Yep, you who's now reading my post just like me who is typing it!

As a natural law the bigger the size of a brain, the bigger its capacity, the more we lie, the more complex the lies become.

Humans are obviously the most intelligent life form on this planet (which is questionable sometimes), hence we are most capable of lying.

Now would be the time for the question "What do you think is a lie?? Huh??!!"
A lie is everything we tell other people that we know is not the truth or not entirely true! Period.  We are not all bad people, even though we are technically liars. It is interesting that lies are socially accepted to a certain extend of course. Just imagine a couple of guys sitting together having drinks and telling each other the most fantastic tales. Of course most people are aware that at least some bits and pieces have their roots in the storytellers imagination and are not actually the matter of the fact.
We also tend to lie a lot in our CV's when applying for a job, we are the best in almost everything until it goes down to the nitty gritty, sometime we find it is neccessary to lie in order not to upset for example a loved one (no there in no spider...   ...of course I checked it!). Or remember that date, when you really wanted to convince her that you are the knight on the white horse....

Long story short, we are liars - yes, but I personally believe that does not nessessary make us bad people. We lie for different reasons and some of them are more noble then others, but as long as you try and keep a really honest core to who you are and what you do, you'll be fine. as long as you don't trick people or harm them with untrue information, as long as you are a the most honest version of who you can be I think ...

...I think that be real good!

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