Thursday, February 2, 2017

Are you Hamsters??? Hedonic Treadmill

Hi people, as always I hope you are all well and happy. Happiness is the keyword! In regards to that I like to talk about consuming things! Most of us live in a relatively stable area of happiness, whether we have major successes or major failures. We are extremely ecstatic or completely devastated. But here's the catch! Neither of those two emotions lasts for long. Which brings us to the so called Hedonic Treadmill The hedonic treadmill describes pretty much the exact opposite of what modern advertisement promises us (3000 times daily), being that if we were to buy whatever item we may desire (mostly because of advertisement) we'd be happy! Untrue! According to the hedonic treadmill we are extremely happy whenever we purchase that new item we wanted so bad, but as soon as we have it the happiness we bought starts to wear off rapidly, we get bored of out item (for example our phones) and desire the new model of which. Repeat! Bottom line! If you're unhappy you've gotta change something, but to purchase a thing won't make you happy in the long run. Hope you guys enjoyed the read! Stay cool folks. Mario

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