Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gift giving

Hello People, I hope you're all doing great and your christmas preparations are well underway!

Today I'd like to talk about what concerns us most right now!

What do get him or her as a present for christmas this year?

While giving gifts is an amazing thing to do in order to make others happy or give them something they really need, Christmas really has become an event of consumerism and of commerce rather than an event of appreciation and celebration we should spend with the people we value the most.

It has changed from I'll enjoy the Christmas Holiday to I see how I survive Christmas this year.

I reckon it's pretty sad to see it this way because it's supposed to be the time to really appreciate our family, friends and loved ones.

Christmas reinvention!! 

We've been talking about this giftgiving stuff this year and have come to the point not to get any presents just because we're supposed to or just because the deals are looming just around every corner with days like BLACK FRIDAY  and whatever bulls**t.

I'm getting more and more resistant to those artificially created consumerism traps .
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Reinvention of giftgiving! 

Giftgiving is awesome! I'm not saying don't give each other any gifts, but I do say don't just give gifts because the calendar tells you to!


When Christmas is around the corner most of us kind of know we gonna get a present and we're waiting for Christmas to come to finally receive that particular gift we asked for (perhaps).

That can be great, I don't want that misunderstood!

BUT! If you receive a gift just because your partner felt like it and wanted to show you his or her appreciation for you and make you happy. Isn't that so much more intentional and so much more surprising?

The surprise of receiving a present as a sign of appreciation or to show your partner how much you value him or her is absolutely fantastic!

I just bought Alex that awesome perfume she wanted for quite a while. Yes next week is Christmas, but I bought it today and gave it to her straight away to make her happy.
Her reaction when she found it where I put it for her was absolutely amazing.
Even more so because it came out of nowhere and took her by surprise.

Now, to sum up. What I am saying is this!

  • Don't let yourself get stressed out for presents just because the calendar tells you to.
  • Find an arrangement with your loved one for Christmas, Birthdays, perhaps Marriages and so fort in relations to giftgiving
  • Make each other gifts not because you feel like you ought to do it but because you want to do so.
  • Surprise each other and show your love and sympathy any day you like
  • Reinvent Christmas and other days alike and try and grasp their magic again for yourself and your family.  

Okay folks that's it for now.

I hope you've enjoyed this read and found some value in it.

If you've got any questions or comments please post them underneath and I'll try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Til then, stay cool, stay limitless


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