Saturday, November 18, 2017

AC/DC Malcolm

Dear Malcolm Young,

you were one of the greatest musicians of the century and an enormous inspiration for so many musicians around the globe. You were a visionary, a songwriter, a guitarist, a true master of your craft!

And now you are gone!

I have never known you personally and yet your death strikes me on a deeper level. You've been sick for a while, even back in 2008 while on tour with your Black Ice album you've had first signs of your disease, you had to relearn the very riffs you've come up with and still you made it! Still your spirit and your passion drove you to overcome the symptoms of the very disease that would eventually take your life.

You were a true inspiration and with the legacy you and 'the boys' created you will never truly die!

Thank you for all that you've done! For all of us.

Malcolm Young - We salute you


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