Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Less stuff!

Most of us have a lot of stuff! Intentionally or not. Many of us, me included don't even realize how much stuff they really have.
Crazy enough that Alex and I got here with just two backpacks of stuff less than two years ago!
We now live in a house! Two people in a two bedroom house with a yard and a huge balcony.
Believe it or not but we're running out of space!
It's unbelievable how much stuff accumulates in so short a time.
Like, where did it all come from??
I dunno.
Just in the last couple of days we started selling off our stuff. Regardless of what it is or weather we like it or not  (we do like our stuff) and the feeling that gives me is a little bit of giving up the stuff we put in hours of work for, but moreso the feeling that the more stuff goes, the least stuff we have to worry about.
It's like a bit of a boundary that goes with each item that goes. It makes me lighter.
So plain said. The least stuff we have in our house the more free I somehow feel.
I don't know how it's going to be after more stuff is gone ( I'll keep you posted on that ) but so far I'm not really missing anything.
We've got all we need to prepare food and something to sit on , it's all good.
Let's see where we're going.  I invite you all to take on the journey with us and benefit from our personal experience.
See you next time! Stay tuned!

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